Make Your

Hello Wing Lovers, follow our guide to bliss and plan a Valentine’s Day full of Wingstop and rose petals… lots of rose petals.

To get started, all you’ll need are Wingstop wings, cellophane for wrapping, wooden skewers and ribbon. Share your masterpieces with us on Instagram @wingstop using #WingLuv.

For more Valentine’s Day pleasure, call 1-844-WING-LUV or download some of our custom valentines by clicking here.

Valentine's Day Step 1
Head to Wingstop and grab your favorite flavor. Our recommendation? Get 12 boneless or traditional wings to make your bouquet pop! Boneless, sauced and tossed to perfection in our one of our signature flavors. Lemon Pepper or Original Hot, anyone?
Valentine's Day Step 2
Spread the cellophane, with the Wingstop liners on top. Presentation is everything, so place your décor perfectly.
Valentine's Day Step 3
Stick your skewers through the meatiest part of the wing and lay ’em on top of the liners and cellophane. Be extra careful with this step. You’re handling precious wing cargo.
Valentine's Day Step 4
Wrap it, bow it and present it to your lucky Valentine. You’ll be this holiday’s hero with a bouquet of wings by your side. You can thank us later.
Time to get saucy

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