We've Got All The Answers


Where can I find nutritional information?
Our food is freshly prepared which offers a wide variation in products from one store to the next. Since we do not use proportioned products we are not able to provide nutritional information that is accurate for every store.
Do any of your menu items contain MSG?
The only product that contains MSG is Ranch Dressing.
Why are some wings smaller than others?
Although we do specify what size chicken our wings come from there is no way to guarantee the wing size. The time of year and even day of week can determine the wing size. Our specified chicken size provides a range of wing sizes that gives us the crispy skin and mouth-watering flavor that Wingstop is known for.
Can we get recipes for any of the menu items?
Sorry we do not provide recipes of our food items unless you own a franchise. This keeps our information proprietary and assures you that Wingstop is the only place you can find food as flavorful as ours.
Why isn’t there pricing on the website?
Pricing varies by store. It would be impossible to accommodate every stores pricing on our website. If your local store has online ordering you can check pricing from the online ordering menu.
Why do we have to pay extra for dipping sauce?
Since not every guest wants dipping sauce it doesn’t make sense to add that cost to every order. In an effort to be more accommodating and price conscious you only pay for what you want. However dipping sauces are included with our combo meals.

Online Order

Why is my location not available for online ordering?
We are currently in the process of getting all of our locations Online. If your local wingstop is not online yet, bear with us, it will be soon.
Why do I have to pay with a credit card online rather than with cash at pickup?
Paying with a credit card insures us that once we process your order, (which is when you tell us), that you will be there to pick up the order at the correct time. It also makes for a quick pick up for you once you reach the restaurant (no waiting in line to pay!).
Why are there two charges on my credit card after ordering online last night?
You may have been caught in the bank’s fraud checks. When incorrect information (address, name, zipcode, AVS #, etc.) for your credit card is entered before it is entered correctly, there may be some "pending charges". These incorrect entries leave these “pending charges” on the your credit card, which should expire in 5-7 business days. You can confirm this by calling their credit card company (the 800 number on the back of your credit card).


Is this check I received from Wingstop real?
Check Fraud Advisory: Fraudulent checks, purporting to be from Wingstop, have apparently been sent to consumers for various situations including Craig's List job postings, Mystery Shopper, Sweepstakes/Promotional Draw Winner, and payment for items being sold. The checks generally are sent via UPS or FedEx. The recipients of the checks have been asked to wire cash as overpayment was made for items being purchased or to wire cash as payment for taxes and service fees. If you have received one of these checks, do not cash or deposit the check as the payee will be held liable for the check amount. Be assured that Wingstop did not send these checks. These checks did not originate with Wingstop, nor do we believe that any personal information that our guests provided to us was used to generate these checks.
My favorite location is not on the list for e-club?
If your location is not on the program please select another location in the area as your home location. We are in the process of setting up all of our locations with the eclub program.
Can I get coupons?
Yes! Keep an eye out for Wingstop offers delivered by direct mail. Register online for our eclub and receive welcome & birthday coupons as well as special messages sent from each store through the year.
Is there a guest feedback survey that I can fill out?
We take your comments seriously. Please fill out the contact form on this site. Someone will be in touch to assist you.